Become A Medicanna Member


How Do I Become a Medicanna Member?

Becoming a member with Medicanna is easy! It only takes a few moments and once approved you will have access to all of the products at both of our dispensary locations and on our Medicanna Express online store. 

To become a patient and member at MediCanna, all applicants must:

  1. Complete the MediCanna Membership Application Form
  2. Read and sign MediCanna Code of Conduct Form/Liability Waiver
  3. Produce two government issued photo IDs
  4. Visit one of our two Medicanna locations and submit the application form to our expert staff to get approved!

*We accept MMAR licences that are valid (ATPs) on or after March 21st, 2014 (date of Allard Order used as a cut off for exemptions). All other MMAR licences require a practitioner’s statement.